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We specialize in grading, excavating, sewer lines, water lines, fire supply lines, slide repair, soil stabilization and retaining walls so we have you covered.

Is your sewer lateral broken?  Leaking?  That’s a bigger problem than a plumber can handle, but don’t worry, we’ll fix the line and clean up the mess.

Broken water line?  Fire hydrant?  Where's that water coming from?   We’ll be on the scene and solve the problem quickly.

Is your retaining wall old and failing?  Contact Linscott Engineering Construction, Inc. for a free consultation.  

Worried about the potential for a slide and need soil stabilization? There are many options. We work with the best Engineers in the county to develop a solution. 

When other firms can’t handle it go with the best Linscott Engineering Contractors, Inc.

For all residential services mentioned and more, give us a call or fill out or free estimate form here.