The best way to prevent erosion and stabilize a hillside is with a retaining wall.

If you’re concerned about an area that looks ripe for a mud slide, then you should contact Linscott Engineering Contractors, Inc. for a free estimate for your options in retaining walls.

There are many options when it comes to retaining walls today.   No longer are they something that clashes with the environment and looks out of place and purely utilitarian.

You have options!  Wood retaining walls built in the “soldier pile” method or “lagging method". This is a cost effective solution to your erosion problems. Wooden retaining wall can be painted in earthy tones to match the surroundings.

Other options!  Stone wall. With a wide selection of stones, boulders and rocks, you have plenty of ways to achieve a more natural look that blends well with the earth that it’s supporting. Stone walls are undoubtedly the most natural way to go when choosing a retaining wall.

Want a materials that looks like stone but is less expensive?  Choose concrete.

You have many options with concrete!  

  • Colored concrete additives to match your environment. 
  • Decorative and/or textured concrete
  • Decorative finishes bring life and personality to your retaining wall needs. 
  • Today's technology can make a concrete retaining wall the talk of your neighborhood

Take a drive along the freeway, through valley and canyon roads, you may have noticed a natural looking, decorative concrete retaining wall.

When you need a new retaining wall for your home, place of business or public project contact Linscott Engineering Contractors, Inc. just fill out or free estimate form here.